Ch Ch Ch Changes

While going through the process of making a new unit and integrating as much tech as possible, I realized that there will be many changes involved. Not just by the tech used, but by the students, parents, and myself.   take some getting used to and sometimes change is hard, for everyone. In the end it will better prepare out students and challenge them on a level they are going to succeed in.

rafiki change

While making this technology saturated unit I had to make some changes as I went along. Looking back and reflecting on your work makes you a better educator and looking back and reflecting on anything make you a better person. I started out with a million ideas and had all of the new idea jam-packed into one unit. It was too much of a good thing!

pug good thing


The one thing that wasn’t too much was the way that the students will be collaborating while using technology. The flipped technique of the classroom will allow them to be ready to discuss and collaborate when it comes time for class and we will make better use of our time.  My students are always more engaged when we get to use technology in our learning. They are just more comfortable with it. (and the Piggy!) Work sheets and individual assignment just don’t excite them. We want them to WANT to learn and be in charge of their learning.piggy picture

As I was completing this unit it was fun to think of ways that they can make the choice to display the knowledge they learned. I am excited to see how they are able to work though this unit and honestly, I can’t wait to see what their creative little minds come up with. It almost always exceeds my expectations!

As with any change, challenges do arise. Thinking out of the box (thinking critically) will allow you to overcome them, though sometimes that can be hard. My biggest challenge with a flipped classroom, is that most of my students do not have access to internet at home.  How was I going to make this work? The mini flip with the morning work solution seems to be the best answer. It is a way to make it work, take advantage of time that may not be used so wisely, and get them involved in their own learning. Win win!

Incorporating technology into a classroom is going to take time, it is going to get messy, and meet some resistance. Be the change you want to see and the rest will follow suit. Students will see your excitement and want to participate, parents will see happier students who are succeeding, and administration will see their community of learners doing their very best. So what do you think? In the words of David Bowie, is it time for some“Ch Ch Ch Changes” to your classroom? The time is now, you can do it! Good Luck!ch ch changes


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