Technology Integration in 3rd Grade

I am often asked about my use of technology in the classroom. How am I able to use it so often? What goals are you really achieving? Can you trust them with the tech? What specific apps are you using and how do you use them?

The 3rd graders use our iPads in a variety of ways and on a daily basis. I have created a video to highlight some of the main ways we have used our iPads so far. When using tech in the classroom you need to think of not only how to use the tech itself, but how to  reach the students in the best way to help them learn. The goal is to achieve Redefinition in the SAMR Model while including higher order thinking skills from Bloom’s Taxonomy. While a majority of integration easily meets the Enhancement levels of the SARM Model, it is a true challenge to go further.  Taking tech integration one step at a time and bit by bit will make it seem a  less intimidating. Soon it will become second nature and your students will not bat an eye at lessons or assignments given or using technology!  Happy Integrating !


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